Tuesday, June 19, 2007

It's about time!

So it has been several months since I have gotten on this thing...sorry to anyone who cares. I could say that it is because they put my dashboard in French, that life has been busy, that I just couldn't think of anything worth writing about, or give many other excuses, and they would all be true. I'll just give a run down of my family and get you all caught up.

Srikant (husband)
He is doing great. Excited that his mom might be coming to visit in the fall. He also recently found out that he won a huge award for the job he did while we were in Albuquerque. He is too humble to let others know, but I'm very proud of him. He is so amazing at taking difficult, not fun situations, and working his tail end off to make them work and doing an excellent job at whatever he puts his mind to.

My love! She is great as usual. She is so smart and so full of life. I often just sit in amazement that such a terrific kid is mine. She loves me so much, and I am head over heals in love with her. She is another reason I haven't been on much, she has recently discovered computer games and is hooked! We also have made a decision for her for next fall (I think this one will stick). We decided that we don't like the school she is in, the local schools would be too much for her, and yet she needs to be challenged. We thought we had finally settled the matter when we found out a Kindergarten teacher at the American school was teaching them how to read. We knew she was a little young (her birthday is literally on the cut off) but she will love being able to read. Unfortunately, when I went to register her today we found out that the teacher we heard about won't be teaching kindergarten next year. So we have decided to keep her home and home school to the best of my schedule. I think she will be happy with that and hopefully we can keep her challenged and happy and still allow me to continue my schooling.

What a treasure. I keep asking myself how I got so blessed. Just to think I thought I never would have babies and now I have two such unbelievable kids. She is fun and animated like her big sister. She is trying to crawl now. It's fun to watch. Foot, knee, face, foot, knee, face and then she stops for a rest. The most difficult part is that now that she can go from lying down to sitting up it's hard to get her to go back to sleep when she doesn't want to go to bed. She used to eventually cry herself to sleep but now she is sitting straight up and its easier for her to fight it. She is so strong! She also has two teeth now and wants to eat anything I'll let her try.

My Mom
Unfortunately, my best friend and mother is not very happy right now. We just got the word that she has cancer...again. She has an appointment with a surgeon on Thursday and will get more info then, I hope. Keep her in your prayers. As you know she is a fighter but sometimes it's just not fair that one person should have to fight so much.

My Dad
It's just days after Father's day and I must say that my dad is one fabulous man. He loves me and my girls so much and best of all loves my mom. He is sticking with her through this and supporting her like I've never seen another do for their wife. Again, I'm so terribly blessed.

As for Me
I'm doing good. Frustrated at little things like the fact that our water heater keeps turning itself off. I'm also trying to fight some of my health issues which is always disconcerting. I am excited about having Genesis home though and I'm hoping that I'll do well by her and teach her how to read this summer and into next year. I'm also working hard on school. I'm just finishing my first class back after over two years of break. Social Psychology. I also just completed my paper for this class and got an A so that was amazingly exciting and encouraging. I've also just started a statistic class...much less exciting, but necessary for my major. One foot in front of the other and some day I'm gonna finally get that degree. My girls won't get a choice, I don't care what life trys to throw at them, I'm making sure they get their degrees right after high school!