Sunday, January 6, 2008

Way overdue!

So it has been since September that I've written a blog. At first, there just wasn't a lot to report. I have been homeschooling Genesis and that is going extremely well. Genesis is extremely bright and loves math, reading, and grammar. She is doing first grade work two years ahead of her peers. Other than that, not much was going on. We did take an exciting trip in November to Font Remou, France. We also drove up and saw Andorra and a little of Spain. We played in the naturally heated pool and had a great time as a family. December got busy! When once I wasn't writing because not much was going on, now I wasn't writing because I just didn't have time.

Ok- December -

The second week in December Srikant and Genesis flew to California to visit with Nama who just had open heart surgery. She is doing very well and recovering perfectly, but really enjoyed having her son and granddaughter to keep her company. Srikant also got to take Genesis to Disneyland where she met several princesses and was quite excited. They were impressed by her Princess Jacket. Srikant and Genesis also got to eat at Chili’s twice, sorry I'm just a bit jealous on that one.

Anyway, they came back and were surprised to see a friend pick them up at the Airport instead of Selah and I. I was very sick and had to call our friend Travis at five in the morning to go get them. What started on Tuesday as a sore throat, by Sunday I was weak and spent from throwing up. (sorry for the graphic details). Well Srikant and Genesis got home Sunday morning and Tuesday Srikant took me to the doctor. The American doctor sent me to the Belgium hospital. There they ran a VERY slow dripping IV and did some blood tests. Guess what?!? We are pregnant!!!!!!! So now that they knew why I was so sick I guess they figured their job was done. After an ultrasound, where we found out the baby is due on August 12th, they said I could go home. I begged them for some medicine to help me stop the vomiting and so they did give me a shot as I walked out the door.

Unfortunately, the medicine made me incredibly light headed and dizzy but did little to stop the vomiting. By Friday Srikant took me back to the hospital. After some blood tests they decided to admit me. This was the Friday before Christmas. After several days in the hospital I had a little break down and at that time they put me on a new drug through my IV pack and finally I was able to fight the nausea. In all I was in the hospital five nights including Christmas.

Meanwhile, Srikant was scheduled to deploy the Thursday after Christmas. Praise God, they not only agreed to give him a week’s extension, but his flight got canceled and he wouldn't have been able to leave anyway. We were able to spend that week as a family and it was so nice. Srikant spoiled me rotten, taking full care of the girls, getting everything set up to help me while he is gone and literally waiting on me hand and foot. He is such an amazing man, and I am so blessed to have him!!!!

In conclusion, Srikant left this past Thursday morning and is now in Afghanistan where he will be for three months. I am still extremely sick and struggling greatly. Our friends here are wonderful though, and have all been stepping forward to help where they can. I even had a few of my girlfriends visit me in the hospital and comb out my hair and braid it for me. After laying on it for weeks, it was matted and I didn't have the strength to deal with it. It was wonderful. I also have people helping by taking the girls and getting Genesis to some of her activities. Please keep us in your prayers though.

Prayer Requests:

  • KC starts feeling better. That her nausea subsides and that her emotions don't get away from her.

  • Srikant comes home quickly and safely. Also, that he feels like he is truly making a difference in Afghanistan and enjoys what he is doing.

  • The girls aren't too overly stressed by all the craziness.

  • The baby grows healthy and strong (and yes, go ahead and pray for a boy).