Thursday, March 8, 2007

Back on Track

I am so excited to see my life coming back into focus. Between two overseas moves, my slipped disks, and baby Selah the last two years have flown by with only Selah to show for it. I felt like I had lost sight of my direction and what I wanted to do. Tonight I registered for online classes. Monday I will sign up for one more class to take here on the base. Tonight I am excited about where my life is going. I have my sweet girls and pray the future will continue to bring more additions to our family and I'm excited about not giving up my dream of being college educated. I may be the first one in my immediate family line to actually complete a BS. I can't wait to get going.


Andy said...

Hi KC,

A lot of service wives, especially officers wives, probably buy their wine by the case. Sounds fun. But with two little ones, I suppose your too busy for that. That's great that you're going forward with your education. Even if you don't know how exactly it'll pay off, you can feel like you're comitted to the future, and avoid that feeling of being stuck in time.

Belgium's probably a little dreary this time of year but soon I bet it'll be beautiful.

Post pictures.

Best wishes.

Andy (steffy's dad)

Steph Stanger said...

I'm glad things are going well! I love that you have a blog! Sorry I have been absent from the internet lately things are nuts at work right now! I have SOOOO much to do! =)

KcMantravadi said...

Mr. T. I do have direction. My current goals are to increase the family and get my BS, but my long term goals include getting my Masters Degree in Biblical Counseling. It is something I'm excited about doing, but counseling will also allow me the flexible schedule I need to raise our kiddos and still use the education I'm working so hard on accomplishing. BTW thanks for the comment, it's great to hear from you :-)

Steff, don't worry about it. This just happens to be a slow time in my life. In a couple of weeks I will be taking two classes, begin homeschooling Genesis, and before I know it Selah will be on the move. Then it will be my turn to have no time. I love you though and it makes me really happy when I see you've sent a post to my blog :-)

Steve & Sara said...

Welcome to blogger KC ;0)

It's addicting when you have the time, so be careful (hee, hee).

Mark said...

I don't really know how to add favorite blogs to the template. I have Kim do it for me...otherwise I would have added yours by now. =) You have to paste an HTML code into your blogger template. I would ask Kim or Crystal they are the experts! =) Some templates come with really easy way to do it where you just copy and paste the web address where they say add link here. I wish I knew more. =)

Mark said...

opps that was me Steph and not Mark...=)

Janett Sue said...

Learning is so much fun when it is no longer a High School expectation. It took me 17 years to complete my degree. Andy likes to say I crammed 4 year of school into 17 years. I did change my major 3 times, had 6 babies and moved 7 times. I have no doubt you will succeed. Also your travels provide a scope to your education that most of us can only envy. You go girl! I look forward to hearing about your adventures in learning.