Thursday, March 15, 2007

Purchased and Ready To Go

Ticket to Dubai and reservations for the IBC women's Conference purchased and ready to go. Registration for English 303, Critical Approaches to Literature and Psyc. 321, Social Psychology purchased and ready to go. Home schooling curriculum from Sonlight for Genesis, purchased and ready to go.

For more info on my upcoming trip to Dubai you can click on Billy Grahm and Ravi Zacharias' daughters are both speakers. I am going with two other women from the church and Selah and Genesis are staying home with Papa. I'm excited and already missing the girls all at the same time. We are expecting this to be a once in a lifetime experience.

I begin my classes at the end of the month. The Lit class is a requirement for my minor in literature. I chose this minor simply because I used to have this amazing Lit teacher who I took every class she taught while I was living in Italy. Now I have several classes under way and will only need a few more to complete the Minor. The Psyc. class will be the first class I take towards gaining a BS in Psychology. Wish me luck ‘cause it's been ten years since I've taken Psyc. 100.

Finally, the home schooling curriculum. We are really excited about it. Our plan for now (though we are still checking into the local schools and it's viability as an option) is that in the fall Genesis will attend school locally in the mornings and then after lunch and a nap, home school in the afternoons. We are hoping that this will allow her to learn the language here as well as continue to challenge her academically. She is such a bright kid and loves to learn. She thinks "working" (on some store bought Preschool & Kindergarten workbooks) is a lot of fun and it's a real fight to get her to quit. We also just received home school curriculum designed to teach her the language here. It is designed for Kindergarten to 4th graders and I'm hoping we will both learn from it.

Well that's everything going on in our life. A whole lot coming up but in reality not too much happening right now.

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Steph Stanger said...

That all sounds very exciting! One of my volunteers is from Dubai! Apparently there are some ridiculously exspensive houses there. Have you heard about the man made palm tress islands? We saw them on google earth. It is crazy!