Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Who are you, who who...

Why is it that we are different people to different people? Why is the personality we portray as a wife, mother, friend, peer, and stranger so diverse? That of course is not to mention the person I am when I am all alone. Why can't I take the person I am that I like the best and always be that persons? On paper it seems so simple but in reality it never works out that way. Sometimes I am nice and sometimes I'm not. Sometimes I'm funny and witty and other times I'm just a dork. Sometimes I'm patient and understanding, and sometimes I just want to get it done. Sometimes I'm intelligent and intuitive; other times I can't get a simple thought together. Sometimes I'm strong and brave, other times I'm afraid to get out of bed in the morning. Sometimes I'm cocky and arrogant thinking I'm superior, sometimes I feel as though I'm the lowest person in the world. If I'm confident and compassionate with you, than why can't I be confident and compassionate with her? If I'm wise and witty with him, why can't I be wise and witty with them? It’s a strange phenomenon, and who knows maybe it's just me. Are you who you are no matter who you are?


Janett Sue said...

Oh Boy! Welcome to the human race. You went from back on track on Thursday to questioning your whole being on Tuesday. I can tell you with great certainty it is not just you. You said it all very well. We all suffer from it to one degree or another. It sometimes seems that the inconsistencies could not possible exsit at the same time in one person.In your case know that it is exacerbated by many things. One, you recently had a baby. It is a time when your emotions can shift on a dime. Two, you are living in a foreign country separated from family and friends. That confident, compassionate, intelligent, ect. you is always there. You just keep putting one foot in front of the other, the path always gets sunny again. You are strong and brave. Not many of us would want to be having babies in foreign places so far from the comfort of our family. You are amazing!
Momma T.

KcMantravadi said...

Momma T. You always make me smile! I'm not sad, just contemplative. See I am showing my intelligence by using big words, but my secret is I had to use Word to figure out how to spell contemplative 

Lauren said...

I feel ya! Most everyone (that I know of anyway) wears multiple hats in life, and each of those hats requires a slight deviation in your personality. I think of it not as being "not myself" in certain situations, but I think that we show different parts of who we are in each role we take on. I add those parts together to get the sum of who I am.

Sometimes I do find myself in situations where I need to mute or turn up one part of myself or another. For example, I can be quite opinionated and would like to tell everyone what I think. Along with that I'm also very open and have found myself in a few situations where someone else couldn't handle my honesty in telling it the way I see it. In those instances where I find that being "me" isn't Kosher with someone else, I just find ways to avoid being around people. If they don't like me for me, then they can suffer the boringness of a life without me in it. But... that's just my opinion.

P.S. Welcome to the blogosphere!